Your dog is very welcome

Bring your dog on your vacation to the Noordwijk area. Your dog is very welcome at our Camping Le Parage and Camping Sollasi. You can also bring your dog in our 4-person and 6-person bungalows for a wonderful holiday at Bungalowpark Sollasi.

Walking through the dunes

There are many beautiful walking- and off-leash areas in the vicinity of the campsites and the bungalow park. For example, make a nice round trip around the directly adjacent Oosterduinse lake with a beautiful view over the flower bulb fields. The “Hollands Duin” is also an excellent place to walk your dog. Between August 15th and March 15th, the dogs can even be running off-leash here!

Off-leash beach for your dog

Your dog is welcome all year round on the nearby beach of Langevelderslag. In the high season, from June 1st to August 31st, your dog must be on a leash. On the southernmost beach of Noordwijk (exit 1), there is a dog beach where dogs can be unleashed on the beach all year round! At the two boulevards of Noordwijk, you can enter the beach with your dog on leash from September 1st to May 31st . For the exact regulations, you can consult the website of the Municipality of Noordwijk.

General information

Op bungalowpark en camping Sollasi is er een aparte uitlaatstrook voor honden. Op camping le Parage kunt u voor korte wandelingen op de groenstrook langs het voetpad terecht. Op zowel de bungalows en de campings geldt een aanlijn- en opruimplicht. In een bungalow betaalt u voor een hond €4 per dag en op de campings is dit €3.50.